Variable Shaft Spacing

The Press Head

The press head is a flexible gear mechanism which devides the mechanical performance in two output shafts that run in the opposite direction.

Flexible gear mechanism

The drive in the press head occurs by several serial arranged gears which have a comparatively little diameter.

The pass-through lateral cut is notably small because the drive engineering is arranged in work flow direction.

The outer symmetric construction of the press head affords the same installation space for both rolling directions. 

Basically there are no high maximum loads inside the flexible gear mechanism of the Multiformer. Thereby a high reliability of the Multiformer is achieved, this becomes apparant especially in continous operations in difficult installation situations. 

In reverse, there are no high maximum loads which appear on the installed profile gasket or seal. Thus only optimal power is used to form the profile gasket and the backing.

The Pneumatic Springing

Press head with clamping modul

The pneumatic springing und therefore the press head with the bending rolls can be opened or closed according to the hand lever position.

Depending on gasket geometry the Multiformer can put up at the gasket opened. Gasket damaging during put up the Multiformer will be impeded.

The air springing inside the clamping module affords therefore the constant press force of the bending rolls.

Pressure Regulator

Pessure regulator

The press force can be regulated continuous by a pressure regulator.

The pressure remains constant at different sheet-metal flange thickness. 

These adjustment is repeatable and checkable from the outside of the machine.

The adjusted pressure can be reading at the title block at the Multiformer.

Switching Sequence

For a guaranteed best possible landing of the Multiformer on the profile gasket, we provide 3 different switching versions:


Sequence 1:
First the motor starts, then the press head closes.

Sequence 2:
The motor starts and the press head simultanously closes.

Sequence 3:
First the press head closes, then the motor starts.

The sequences can be changed by replace the valve

Shaft spacing

Due to the variable shaft spacing of 24 to 30 mm a lot of profile gaskets can be formed.
After a product change the Multiformer can be used further on. Simply the bending rolls und the press force are adjusted to the new profile.

The bendings rolls and the pressing roll are located on the press head, they fix with selective pressing and forming the profile gaskets on the sheet-metal flange of the car body.

The assembling speed is adjustable at any times.


Pneumatic Control

The press roll which extrudes the profile down before the installation is constructed to preserve the hose system and to avoid chattermarks at the profile.

Special features

Press head 24 to 30 mm
  •  The Multiformer adjusts to the installation situation
  • Flange thickness compensation
  • Constant press force with different shaft spacing
  • Infinitely adjustable press force
  • Automatically opening and closing press head when the trigger lever is engaged or released
  • Particularly narrow gear casing

  • The Multiformer is international protected by patents


With its variable and automatically shaft spacing, the Multiformer provides particularly consistent profile seal installation on sheets.


Due to the modular assembling of the Multiformer we can do customised increments and adjustments quickly. The Multiformer will be manufactured and configured especially for your requirements, so you get always an optimal result for your vehicle.

After a product change, the Multiformer is still useable.