We gladly advise you on roll forming and find a solution for your installation situation.

We are able to explain you the possibilities and advantages of the use of the Multiformer with only a few information about the installation situation and the profile gasket:

  • A visual illustration of the installation part;
  • A photo, graph or sample part of the section ;
  • Measures of the sheet- metal flange (from/to in mm)

If  these informations or sample parts are acurate so much the better we are able to give a statement about it.

Requests for Quotation

For an obligatory quotation we need more information and material, so that we can make practical tests:

If we get these sample parts of the corresponding profile gasket from you, it is possible to make tests.
We would like to send you the results with an quotation.


In order to use the possibilities of the Multiformer efficiently we make extensive installation tests in our company. Thereby we work out empirical results.

Flash is required!
  • Test and measuring machines are at our disposal for these purposes. 
  • Changes and manufacture of new articles
    are hold shortly in our manufacturing, thereby
    all steps are documented comprehensibly.
  • In the end you will get a technical data sheet
    with all relevant information about
    your Multiformer.
  • Thus you always get an optimal result
    for your vehicle.

Testing devices

After finishing the adjustments we will allocate you a testing device for your installation situation and you can give the Multiformer a trial directly at the assembly line. 

We would like to visit you on the ground as far as possible and test the Multiformer together with you.