The Multiformer offers you specific advantages through its unique construction:

In some mounting situations transport speeds up to 60 meters per minute can be reached.

The Multiformer saves assembly time!

Constant installation quality.

The Multiformer covers in daily series production flange thickness differences from 2 to 7 millimetres.

In some cases even larger areas are covered.

You know?
For each vehicle and each seal an extra mounting device?
Many air lines, many backup devices, stumbling risk and confusion opportunities?

The multiformer can allow mounting with one machine on one line with similar profile gaskets and installation situations at different cars.

The Multiformer has a high service life.
You can use him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week many years with very low maintenance effort.


In “certain installation situations”, the Multiformer is
the only tool with which economical installation is even possible.