We think that it is important to manufacture as many component parts as possible on our own in order to achieve the self- imposed high quality standards for our Multiformer and its component parts.

We have all manufacturing levels under our control, from the rough material to the finished subassembly. All staff in our manufacturing are highly trained toolmakers with accordant experiences.

In consequence of our manufacturing penetration we are able to construct special test parts and new designs. Therefor we are only bounded to a few suppliers. 

These are our conditions for the high quality and availability of our Multiformer and its many component parts.

Machining Possiblities

From the manually machining to the point of complex machining strategies on modern CNCComputer Numerical Control (CNC) refers to the automation of machine tools that are operated by abstractly programmed commands encoded on a storage medium. machines with contemporary CADComputer Aided Design (CAD) is the use of computer technology to aid the design and particularly the drafting of a part or product. and CAM technologies, we possess a series of machining possibilities in our own manufacturing.

We produce with the help of computerized machines. All controlled machines and computers are naturally networked, therefore it is possible to transport great amounts of data directly from the construction to the machines.

Here are some examples:

Turning and Milling Machine CTX 320 Linear V4

Example parts

Complex turning workpiece geometrics with according accurancy are possible with this machine. Certain workpieces can be produced in the first place because of the combination of turning and milling in different directions and line movements.

Milling Machine DMU 50T

Example parts

With this 3-axes machining center complex and multilateral processings are made for our Multiformer. Everything is written in thousands of small datasets is passed to the control. These files are made with the help of a special CADComputer Aided Design (CAD) is the use of computer technology to aid the design and particularly the drafting of a part or product./CAM software.

Before these files are send to the machine they can be tested virtually. Thereby the processings can be optimized before the adoption of the machine.

High-Precision Center HSC 55 Linear

Flash is required!

We continue our work of the DMU 50T with this machine. High dynamic and accuracy in all axes for a steady workpiece quality. The Gantry drive and the turntable are built thermo-symetrical.

The drive mechanism and the coolant are kept under constant temperature. The inner coolant supply makes a safe processing of deep drilling and milling operation possible.